Reviews of Faces Behind the Masks

 Packed with action…the adventure starts on the very first page.
Faces Behind the Masks by Thomas J. Brodeur is a comedic tale full of action and adventure.  It is a unique take on the superhero genre, a fresh look at it, and it is written in a way to make you want more. It’s a fun book, with well-detailed descriptions that transport you straight into the story, making it feel real. The characters are developed in a way that lets you get to know them properly and kids will want to be Trav, and will want to have their very own superhero uncle! It’s difficult to find a young adult book on a subject that hasn’t already been covered, but this is one of those stories that is a refreshing take on the theme. Kids of all ages are going to love this adventure!
Anne-Marie Reynolds

Readers' Favorite

“Turns average circumstances into crazy adventures.”

“I want more.”

Early Reader's Comments

“The action is compelling and the humor woven into almost every sentence is hilarious. I’m sure many readers will be begging for a sequel.”

A Writer and Editor

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Julius Caesar

Superb punctuation! And that’s a great reflection on me.


Sister Mary Medici

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