“Tom’s writing offers an exhilarating mix of history, mystique and superhero action.”

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Since childhood Thomas J. Brodeur has been telling stories. Early efforts included drawing his own comics, a skill he honed from grade school through college.

In high school he composed three graphic novels and wrote his first short story. A dozen more short stories followed in early adulthood. His first published novel, Regina Silsby’s Secret War, was nominated for the Scott O’Dell award for historical fiction.

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Besides writing, Mr. Brodeur managed to graduate college and divert some attention to a multi-faceted career. His corporate experience spans several continents and includes motion picture production, computer-aided design, information technology, management and customer service.

“What inspires my writing?” he says. “Pretty much, anything happening around me.”

He spends his spare time building ships-in-bottles and dabbling in calligraphy, cartooning and fine art. Additional activities include laundry, dish-washing, lawn mowing, painting, plumbing and electrical work as required. Home is Florida, with his bride of several decades.