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Tearing through the mask of the mundane





Tom Brodeur

Thomas J. Brodeur’s novels thrill readers young and old. On every page his characters rush through the adventure of life. They encourage us all to embrace risk and celebrate whimsy.

Faces Behind the Masks cover

Stealth Warrior on the Loose

Twelve-year-old Travis Warnofski is probably the youngest superhero on the planet.  But when ships start vanishing from the sea lanes under a shroud of supernatural fog, he knows he needs help.  His challenge is heightened when an ancient artifact is unearthed, encrusted with mystical symbols revealing…

Can stealth warrior Travi Wa solve the relic’s riddle, and save the planet from apocalyptic peril?

Step aside, Superman.  Back off, James Bond.  Travi Wa and his trio of titans are taking charge.

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Awarded Best Young Adult Book of the Year by Reader Views!

Faces Behind the Masks rocketed to the winner’s circle within months of publication.  A fun-filled adventure that grabs readers from nine to ninety.

Travis Warnofski dreams of being a superhero.  But the only person who can make it happen is an uncle he can’t stand.

Curtain Call…or Curtains?

High-octane hilarity in this sequel to Faces Behind the Masks.  Travi Wa and his  titanic trio return to save humanity from certain annihilation.  Thrills and laughs for readers of all ages.

Phantom Militia cover
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Is Regina Silsby for real?

Regina Silsby’s Secret War is a surprising mix of high adventure, historical fiction and ghost story.  Written for young adults, it will also be hard for adult readers to put down.

What’s Regina Up To Now?

Once you catch your breath after reading Secret War, plunge into Regina Silsby’s Phantom Militia.  Hair-raising action steeped in the harsh realities of the Revolutionary War.

Phantom Militia cover